David Guyon


Open source contribution

Homebrew-PHP : a centralized repository for PHP-related brews

Plemi organization : collection of open sources softwares used by Plemi

Heroku Buildpack PHP : a custom buildpack for PHP 5.4.7 with Symfony 2 requirements

Boomgo : lightweight and straightforward PHP ODM for MongoDB

Mailjet : Mailjet API implementation for PHP 5.3

ActionScript FriendFeed : ActionScript 3 customizable widget for FriendFeed

All over the web

Self-made and passionate developer on a wide range of languages such as PHP, Python and JavaScript. I spend the day hacking with a bunch of good stuff. I'm interested in software design (SOA), polyglot architecture, messaging and cloud. Oh, I love Open Source.

You can find me on Twitter, GitHub, Linkedin and Instagram. Abusing #YOLO as a motto.